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A few facts about myself.  Number 1, I will never be a one woman man, deal with it.  Number 2, this does not mean I will never make a commitment to one woman.  Confused?

As some of you may have noticed I turned over one of my blogs to Angie Yanga, but what almost know one knows is about our strange, and unusual relationship.  Angie has been my best friend for over a year now.  We are nearly inseparable.

About 8 months ago my life took a very strange twist, one I had never anticipated.  I was sitting around in my apartment in the Philippines with 5 cam girls in the house, one of them was Angie.  We were talking about my opinions on relationships, and 4 of the girls were arguing what an idiot I am.  Angie on the other hand just sat there quietly listening.

Then our topic changed to my long term plans.  I mentioned I was going to be in the Philippines until around Christmas and then fly to the USA for about 6 months.  Staying in an apartment I have in Las Vegas.  At that point Angie went from silent to a look of shock, and started asking me question after question.  She looked very upset. She mumbled something about finally having a true “best friend” and now he is leaving.  She then stood up and left my apartment without saying another word.

My next two days were a disaster.  I was upset, worried, scared, frustrated, lonely, and confused.  For two days Angie did not knock on my door, did not answer my text messages, and would not answer calls from me.  I had not gone a day without seeing Angie in almost 3 months.  The worst thing was these feelings were driving me crazy.  I spent those two days trying to figure out why I was feeling this way.

After two days I heard a light knock on my door and was greatly relieved to see Angie standing there.  I was not thrilled to see the tears streaming down her face.  I grabbed her hand and brought her inside where she promptly slapped me, HARD!  Then she proceeded to start pounding on my chest with her fist, not saying a word.   There was only one question which popped into my mind at that moment and was like an answer to the entire two days of deep thinking I had just gone through.  I looked at Angie and asked, “Do you want to go with me?”

Her head collapsed onto my chest and I heard only one small response, “oo”.  (For those of you who don’t know, that means yes in the Philippines.)  That little question and answer has turned into an adventuresome 8 months which now has us standing in Las Vegas together, or more technically, sitting in bed together.

Angie is now my fiancee, but with some very unique understandings.  We have every intent of getting married, and living a long life together, but….

We are in 100% agreement on one fact.  I am not a one woman man, she is not a one woman woman, and she may choose to not be a one man woman.   We are committed to each other, but equally committed to enjoying life, sharing love, and having fun with other people.  The only requirement is we must always be honest with each other and never hide a relationship.  Which leads us to….

We landed in Las Vegas on December 15th.  A few days later we were playing on our laptops beside each other and she was watching me work.  She was watching the list of advertisements I was browsing on my laptop and asked me to go back.  She had spotted an ad for an adult dating site and told me it was associated to the site she had been working on.  We went and took a look and it was very interesting.  We then started laughing and decided to setup a profile together as a couple.

We woke up the next morning to find 18 messages in our inbox, over 30 flirts, and could see over 100 people had looked at our profile.  Since then we have video chatted with dozens of single men, women, and couples.  We had dinner with a nice 62 year old gentleman last night who Angie thinks is “pogi” and distinguished.  She whispered in my ear and asked what I would do if she raped him.  I just chuckled and told her, “Up to you.”  I won’t tell you anymore, if Angie wants to she will in her blog – Angie Yanga’s Asian Live Cam Blog

Special Note:  This is something all of your guys and ladies should know.  The day Angie was pounding on my chest she was still a virgin.  She remained a virgin until the day we received her fiancee visa and I put a ring on her finger.

Last comment for the day…If you want to have some real fun on a dating site, where you can sign up free, go here..Joseph and Angie’s Favorite Playroom.  Our profile is under Joseph Blane.  Hunt us down if you wish…

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