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Susan Xarnow Is The New Blogger for Cam2Cam Sex – A Very Hot Blonde

I almost cannot believe I am doing this.  Last week I turned over Asian Live Cam to Angie Yanga, and now this week I am turning over control of Cam2Cam Sex to Susan Xarnow.  

Susan and I are online buddies.  I did a few promotional events for her online and ever since then we have been chat mates.  Susan has a tricky was of looking extremely young, even though she is in her early 20′s.  

Susan is one of the hottest blondes I have ever met online.  The best thing is she always blows my mind with her witty attitude, quick smiles, and love of life.  

Susan is a very social person among webcam girls.  She has established friendships with girls around the world trying to learn “tricks” to making her visitors happier so they stay in private with her longer.  

I mentioned to Susan what Angie was doing with my other blog and she immediately said, “Me too, me too.”  When those blue eyes are looking at you and pleading, and you hear her giggling in delight, it is almost too much to resist. I told her “Yes” with one condition.  She has to introduce her friends, tell stories about her online adventures, and keep me a breast of the what is going on.  (Yes, I meant A BREAST, not abreast, lol.)

If you want to keep up to date with what Susan has to say start watching the Cam2Cam Sex blog.  She should be putting her first post online later today.  



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