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Getting Trapped By An Asian Cam Girl For Christmas..

A few facts about myself.  Number 1, I will never be a one woman man, deal with it.  Number 2, this does not mean I will never make a commitment to one woman.  Confused? As some of you may have noticed I turned over one of my blogs to Angie Yanga, but what almost know [...]

Susan Xarnow Is The New Blogger for Cam2Cam Sex – A Very Hot Blonde

I almost cannot believe I am doing this.  Last week I turned over Asian Live Cam to Angie Yanga, and now this week I am turning over control of Cam2Cam Sex to Susan Xarnow.   Susan and I are online buddies.  I did a few promotional events for her online and ever since then we [...]


Hey everyone, I want to introduce one of my best friends in the world, Angie Yanga.  Angie is an Asian cam girl and hot Filipina. What makes Angie so special is her desire to learn.  The girl never stops asking me questions.  Angie became excited about the idea of having a blog of her own [...]

Asian Cam Girls, When the Birthday Parties Begin The Cams Go Off

I’m not sure what you guys see on the other side of the world when you visit one of the Asian cam girls sites once a birthday party starts here. Adult fun swingersLast night I was invited to attend another birthday party hosted by an Asian cam girl here in the Philippines.  By my count [...]

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